How to Use ManyChat to Increase Website Traffic

Have you started using ManyChat yet? It’s one of my favorite recent discoveries that I use for my business. It has transformed my business and has rapidly increased my email list and leads. While it helps in many areas, this post is all about how to use ManyChat to increase website traffic. This is a great way to use it because more website traffic means more potential sales and opportunities to make more money. 


how to use manychat to increase your website traffic.


If you haven’t heard of ManyChat yet, check out my post HERE that’ll give you the ultimate guide to chatbot marketing. It’s everything you need to know to get started! I also have a couple of ManyChat YouTube tutorials you can check out HERE and HERE.

One of the main functions of ManyChat is to use chatbots to create automated messaging through your social media platforms, SMS, and email. You can set up the messages to lead your people to your website for their requested content. This alone will increase your website traffic. If you build an effective strategy with this chatbot marketing then you will start to see your website traffic skyrocket. Let’s figure out how to do this exactly. 


How to Use ManyChat to Capture & Nurture Leads

ManyChat offers tools specifically for capturing leads. It offers opt-in forms you can customize and subscription widgets. You can embed both of these tools onto your website and use them on your social media channels. These two tools allow you to easily gather people’s contact information so you can keep in touch with them and lead them through your sales funnel. 

Speaking of your sales funnel, ManyChat can help with this too. A sales funnel does not have to be something that is icky and secretly brought up to your potential customers. It is simply the method you’re using to give your customers what they want. You can set up your messaging to nurture your leads by guiding them through each step of the funnel. This is your chance to connect with them and help them know your product can solve their problem. 


the best way to increase website traffic using manychat.


How to Use ManyChat to Convert Leads into Customers

It’s one thing to generate leads, but the real work begins when you have the leads and need to turn them into loyal customers. The best way to do this is to identify which of your potential buyers are new to your business and which ones have been around for a while. This is something you can find in your Google Analytics. Making this separation will help you know what type of messaging each group is ready to receive. 

From there, you can meet your people where they are and nurture them from there. Those newer to you will need to get to know you better and gain trust, so reserve that content for them. Those who have maybe bought from you before or have been following you for a while may be ready for your direct sales funnel that involves your higher-ticket products. 

Knowing this distinction is critical in converting your leads into customers. The better you know your audience the better you will know how to serve them. And each of your customers is in a different phase of their journey/relationship with you. It’s up to you to figure out where they are and give them the content that will help them move forward with you.

ManyChat integrates with popular CRMs which will help you find and keep track of this information all in one place. You can check out who it integrates with HERE.


How to Use ManyChat to Increase Repeat Business

It’s always a cause for celebration when you sell a product to a new customer. It’s even more exciting when you have repeat customers who buy your product again and again. This is something else ManyChat can help with. Depending on the type of product you sell, your strategy will look different. If you sell physical products such as clothes then you can easily have customers coming back to buy more. If you sell a service type of product like photography or coaching then you could create more specific offerings within those products. 

For example, I offer an 8-week intensive Instagram course which is something that would not be purchased over and over again by the same person–at least not right away. With that being the case, I also offer a subscription where people who sign up pay a monthly fee in order to receive my content and services every month. Think of what you could offer that could invite repeat business. 

ManyChat can help with this process by creating automated messaging to remind people who almost buy to come back and finish their purchase, by sending a thank you confirmation email/message, etc. The ways to use this chatbot tool are almost endless and I am blown away by how much it can help improve your business and sales! 


how to use manychat to boost your website.


How to Use ManyChat to Improve Customer Satisfaction

One of the best things you can do for your business is to ask for feedback. Feedback is how you improve your content, customer experience, and the overall success of your business. When you give your followers and customers a chance to share their experience with your business then you have a better idea of how to serve them and what you need to change in the future. 

One way to use ManyChat to get customer feedback is to create a survey and then include that survey link in the automated messages you are sending to your customers. This will automate the process and streamline your efforts in finding out how to improve. The quicker you figure out what your customers are/are not pleased with the quicker you will start to improve your customer satisfaction rate. 

You can even create a feedback chatbot. One of the greatest benefits of this feedback bot is that you can handle negative reviews right away. If someone gave you a poor review the feedback bot can notify you and you can respond to their concern immediately. This will be a huge win for you and the customer. Check out how to set up a customer service chatbot HERE


How to Use ManyChat to Reduce Customer Support Costs 

As a business owner, you probably get the same questions asked by multiple customers every day. Setting up a customer service chatbot will save you so much time and money. You can set one up so it sends an automated reply to those FAQs and you won’t have to worry about it again. Chatbots do have their limits, BUT they prove to be useful for those routine tasks that you shouldn’t be spending time doing (or paying someone to do). As the CEO, you’ve got more important things to be working on and spending money on! Check out how to set up a customer service chatbot HERE


manychat strategies to increase website traffic.


How to Use ManyChat to Increase Website Traffic

Are you amazed at what ManyChat can do too? I hope this post on how to use ManyChat to increase website traffic helped you! ManyChat is definitely worth a shot and I promise once you get it set up in your business strategy you’ll never look back. You can sign up for ManyChat HERE! And I even have a special code where you’ll get your first month of pro membership FREE. Just use the code “MICHELLE” at checkout. If you liked what you learned here, make sure you give me a follow on Instagram @iammichellegifford

How to Use ManyChat to Increase Website Traffic

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