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When it comes to creating a killer blog schedule, there are a lot of things to think about. I like to break up my blogging tasks into monthly and weekly tasks so I can stay organized more easily. Whatever way you schedule your blogging tasks, be sure you are covering all your bases! Here’s how I break down my blogging tasks.

Creating a Killer Blog Schedule- My Tips and Tricks

Creating a Killer Blog Schedule: Monthly Tasks

Sometimes it can be hard to see the forest for the trees if you know what I mean. When it comes to blogging, it can be hard to remember your overarching goals for your blog/website and your business if you don’t step back and make some goals each month. By laying out what I want to accomplish with my blog each month and what topics I want to blog about, it makes my life so much easier. This is one of my biggest secrets when creating a killer blog schedule.

– Content Calendar

I always create a content calendar for each month. I include what posts will be published when, what theme I am writing on for that month, and any other items that need to be accomplished in relation to my blog during the month I’m planning for. Having a good calendar is the first task I tackle every month. If you aren’t a person who likes to have every single thing written down, then your content calendar might be more of an outline. This is fine. Just make sure that you have an end goal each month for your content creation and your blogging. 

– Check Your Google Analytics

Are you regularly checking your Google stats? Do you know how much traffic you get each month and where they are coming from? When you are trying to grow your blog presence it’s helpful to know what is going right and what you need to tweak. If you are getting a lot of traffic from, say, Pinterest, but not as much from Google itself, what can you tweak with your SEO so you benefit more from Google searches? 

Also, you want to be aware of what blog posts are hitting your target market. If you have a topic that is doing well with your target market, you’ll be able to tailor your future blog posts to capitalize on that. By keeping a record of what is working and why, you’ll be set up for success and growth!

Michelle Gifford's Monthly Blog tasks for creating a killer blog schedule.

– Analyze your Pinterest Analytics

You know how I feel about utilizing Pinterest as part of your overall business strategy. If you don’t, check out these posts here, here. And for even more information, take my Pinterest Jump Start Course! 

Pinterest has the ability to bring massive amounts of traffic to your blog each month. If you are blogging without a Pinterest strategy, you need to change that now. If you have a Pinterest strategy, have you been checking your analytics on there? What pins are performing well? What topics have brought the most traffic to your blog from Pinterest? Don’t have a Pinterest business account? Find out why you need one here. 

Each month, check your audience insights and adjust your Pinterest strategy accordingly. This is an important, but underrated, part of creating a killer blog schedule. 

– Clean House in your Email List

Nobody wants to write emails to spam folders. Keep your email list fresh and full of engaged subscribers by doing a monthly clear-out. Utilize your email provider’s tools to see who is opening your emails and who isn’t. This will help you to really speak to your ideal customer. 

Need a new email provider? If you’re just getting started, I love using Flodesk to send gorgeous emails easily. (Use this link to get 50% off each month)

– Brand Sponsorships and Affiliates

Every month as you’re planning out your blog content, make sure you are fulfilling your brand sponsorship agreements. Be careful not to do too many sponsored posts in a row, and keep your sponsored posts in line with your overall business strategy. If you are an affiliate for any companies, plan a few blog posts that include your affiliate links for each month, as well. 

After you schedule out your current brand sponsorships, reach out to other brands that you’d like to have a relationship with. It’s always a good idea to focus on the future.

-Instagram Giveaways

As a general rule, I try to avoid doing too many giveaways. The followers you may gain from a giveaway don’t usually stick around too long afterward. The best success I have found from participating in giveaways comes when I team up with other women who have similar niches on Instagram as I do. This way, their followers are exposed to me, and my followers are exposed to new accounts, too. When doing giveaways be careful that everything you are doing is legal so you don’t get in trouble with the FTC.

Weekly Tasks for a Killer Blog Schedule

Along with doing certain blog tasks on a monthly basis, there are also some things I do weekly. By breaking up my tasks into weekly and monthly tasks, it’s easier for me to plan ahead when creating a killer blog schedule.

-Write 1-2 blog posts

If you aren’t creating your blog posts a month ahead, then you should at least be batching your writing weekly. Try to write 1-2 blog posts a week for your website. This will help Google to see that you’re serious about growing your website traffic and it will help you to rank higher in the searches. I like to write my rough drafts of my blog posts in one session so I can stay focused on writing. Then, later I will edit them and create the graphics. Here’s more about my content creation system in this post.

-Pictures & Graphics Creation

As part of your weekly content creation, be sure to take pictures for the blog posts and social media posts you want to schedule for the next few weeks. You can do this weekly or monthly. It will just depend on how organized you are with your scheduling and what kind of content you want to post. Either way, being on social media requires images, and you will want fresh images at least monthly.

While you’re already thinking creatively, utilize that part of your brain to create any graphics you want for your social media channels and blog posts. Again, batch your work and work smart so you can utilize your precious time wisely!

Michelle Gifford's Weekly Blog Tasks for a killer blog schedule.


Create and schedule your pins. If you want to continue to grow your blog presence on Pinterest and drive traffic to your website, you need to create new pins each week and schedule them to be pinned on your Pinterest account. I love using Tailwind for this, so I don’t have to try and remember to do this every day. Find out more about Tailwind here. And for my Pinterest Jump Start Course, click here.

-Reach Out to New Partnerships

This might not seem like it falls into the same category as creating a killer blog schedule, but part of growing a business is networking. So, once a week or so, you should be reaching out to new brands that you would like to partner with. This will help you to continually broaden your network and refine your sales pitch. Also, you never know who will say yes!


Now You Have a Killer Blog Schedule

I’ve laid out my steps for creating a killer blog schedule for you. Now it’s up to you to get the work done! Once you have a schedule you follow each month for your blog and website, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep up with the different components of blogging.

Want more coaching from me? Join my Money Makers business coaching group here. You’ll be connected with an amazing group of women who are building their businesses just like you!

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