iPhone Photography Tools to Take Pictures Like a Pro While learning you iPhone is great, there are some tools that can help you take those pictures like a pro.  So, if you are thinking of upping your game either for business or just for better iPhone pictures, here are some of my favorite iPhone photography tools […]

How to Edit iPhone Pictures with Snapseed a Step-by-Step Guide I’m always on the look out for good, Instagram-worthy pictures that match my brand.  They aren’t easy to come by, especially when you want a clean, bright white back ground for your pictures.  Well, this tutorial is going to teach you how to edit iphone pictures […]

How to edit iPhone video in iMovie How to Edit iPhone video in iMovie and why you need it for business. Growing up, I watched and learned the best way to make my Grammy’s Sweet Petals.  It is definitely an art and that art can be lost quickly if not passed down from one generation […]

    1. Maskcara face pallette There are two things I like in my makeup: 1.  Make me look and feel pretty.  2.  Make that all happen fast. My mom always told me that the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning is get ready for the day.  It is easier to […]

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Jan 20, 2017

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(Photo credit goes to A Girlfriend’s Guide to Photography Basics Course Graduate, Elisabeth from Within the Grove) A Girlfriend’s Guide to Photography Basics “Seriously, Michelle.  I just don’t get it.” How could she not get it?  I was explaining it just like my photography course had taught me.  And that was where I went wrong. […]

Learn how to shoot in manual!



In home session with Randi Garrett Design. If you haven’t heard of Randi Garrett Design, you should be.  She is one amazing and talented woman.  She is also my sister-in-law.  Whenever we get together, I get to capture her amazingness.  This is her home, her real life home.  It always looks this amazing and so […]

5 tips to better pictures for your blog   One of my favorite clients and sister-in-laws is Randi Garrett of Randi Garrett Design.  She is beautiful.  She is talented.  And she sure knows how to take an amazing picture.  Here are my 5 tips to better pictures for your blog . 1.Good lighting.  Almost all good […]

Hey Friends, 3 Reasons you need a blog? The Great Blog Revival starts today! Lesson 1. So, I know what you are thinking.  You are a creative, not a writer.  You don’t have time to blog and who even knows what to write about.  Well, I am here to tell you that YOU are a […]

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