10 Hacks to Finally Get Insane Instagram Stats

Are you tired of not growing on Instagram? This was me about six months ago. I was working super hard, posting almost every day, and had a consistent content strategy, and I just wasn’t seeing the growth I wanted. Fast forward to now and I have more than tripled my following. How did I do it? Here are 10 hacks to finally get insane Instagram stats!



To give you a better idea of my growth, I went from 18k Instagram followers to over 70k in less than six months! That is nuts to me. Especially because it took me years before to get to 18k. And not only has my following increased, but the engagement on my content has skyrocketed as well. It comes down to these 10 Instagram growth hacks that really turned things around. And if they worked for me, they will work for you too! 


10 hacks to finally get insane Instagram stats. www.iammichellegifford.com


Instagram Growth Hack #1: Niche down.

You might think you already have a niche, but can you get even more specific? I thought I was niched down before, but I niched down even more, and then the followers started flowing in. At first, my niche was online business. One day I would be talking about Pinterest and the next email marketing, and the next another marketing tool to grow an online business. 

But I niched down to only talking about Instagram marketing and that made a world of difference. It did so because it was easier for the algorithm to figure out what type of content I created and who to put my content in front of. Once I honed in on Instagram marketing then the algorithm did the rest of the work for helping me grow my account. 

If you’re thinking that you don’t want to give up talking about the rest of the work you do, don’t worry. I recommend talking about just one thing and once you are known for it, that’s when you start adding in other topics again. I still am very passionate about all the marketing tools for online business, but for now, I am focusing on just one tool–Instagram. What’s going to be the one thing you’re known for?


Instagram Growth Hack #2: Optimize your bio.

When people find your content, they come to your bio to see if you are a good fit for them to follow you. Your bio is not a place to talk about yourself. It is a place to talk about how you serve your audience. Your bio should clearly state who you are, who you serve, and what you want them to do. 


Instagram Growth Hack #3: Do a content audit.

Giving yourself a content audit will be super telling for your business. Scroll through your posts and ask yourself if you were a new follower on this page, would you know what they do? Your content has to reflect your bio. It is the evidence that you do what you say you’re going to do. 

Once I did a content audit on my own feed, something changed. I started making better content for my niched-down audience and the engagement increased. When your posts start adding value to your followers, they are more likely to comment, share, and even buy from you.


Instagram Growth Hack #4: Change how you create content.

Your content audit should give you a guide on how you want to move forward with your content creation. You should start creating content that your audience loves even more and should see more shares and saves because of it. Check out my post HERE for ideas on creating a killer Instagram content strategy.


10 instagram growth hacks you don't want to miss. www.iammichellegifford.com


Instagram Growth Hack #5: Put a call to action (CTA) everywhere. 

I started leaving CTAs everywhere I could. When you leave a CTA on every post, you are telling the viewer exactly what you want them to do. When you give this clear expectation, your followers are more likely to do the CTA. And that’s because you are making it as easy as possible for them to engage with you and take that next step with you.


Instagram Growth Hack #6: Reels, reels, and more reels!

Reels are for reach. Reels have a different algorithm than the rest of Instagram where they are created for the purpose of finding new people that may enjoy your content and start following you. Instagram has even told us that reels are there to be put in front of new people. So, if you are creating the niched-down reel, the algorithm is doing the rest of the work to put it in front of the people that will like your content. With that being said, reels are one of the best chances we have at reaching new and more people. 


Instagram Growth Hack #7: Create content for your potential audience.

Now, if reels are meant to be put in front of people who have never seen your account or content before then this gave me a clue on what type of content to create for them. I started creating content for my potential audience. 

A lot of times we create content for our audience who already know us and are committed to us. But what if you used reels as an opportunity to create attraction content? This type of content is used for attracting new people to your account. You can check out my post HERE where I go into more detail on how this works!


instagram growth hacks that will triple your following fast. www.iammichellegifford.com


Instagram Growth Hack #8: Make shareable content.

If you scroll through my Instagram feed, you’ll notice that every single one of my posts is shareable content. Your posts are not about you–they are about serving your audience. If you’re posting things that only have to do with your life then they are not going to follow you. But if you show up creating content that you know will add value to their lives, then you will see a lot more saves and a lot more shares on your content. 


Instagram Growth Hack #9: Create an aggressive content strategy.

I post on average 2x per day. I know that’s a lot but I was and am committed to growth and I know that the more I post the more chances I have of getting seen by more people. Plus, why not take advantage of this free way to reach people? It is insane that you can post content for no fee at all and literally reach millions of people. It is such a gift that I am taking full advantage of while I can. 

My aggressive content strategy includes posting a reel, a carousel post, and in my stories every single day. And that’s what it took to grow as much and as fast as I did. I know that is a lot but if you’re up for it I urge you to commit to creating content on Instagram. When you start using Instagram as a business you will finally see the results you’ve been working so hard for. 


Instagram Growth Hack #10: Get people from Instagram to your email list. 

The last thing I focused on was getting people who found me and follow me on Instagram and getting them to sign up for my email list. When you get your followers to come with you onto another platform that is HUGE. 

I actually use an automated bot to help get people onto my email list. You can tell people to leave a certain word in the comments of your post if they want to learn more and an automated response will be sent back to them. This initiates the process of getting them on your list. 

I use ManyChats for this process and have been for a few months now. It is very affordable and using it has helped me grow my email list by at least 5 thousand!  Including an opt-in to your email list as part of your Instagram strategy is huge. You don’t own Instagram or any of your followers, so having them on an email list, in a place that you own, makes it so you have a bit more security when it comes to selling products and taking people on their customer journey. 

You can check out my post HERE to learn how to get started with an email list. 


10 hacks to grow your instagram account. www.iammichellegifford.com


10 Hacks to Finally Get Insane Instagram Stats

Alright, those are my 10 hacks to finally get insane Instagram stats! This post is a behind-the-scenes look at how I grew my Instagram account from 18k followers to over 70k in less than six months. It worked for me and I know it can work for you too. Come follow me on Instagram HERE and send me a dm if you have any questions! 


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10 Hacks to Finally Get Insane Instagram Stats

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