Confessions of a Work at Home Mom I couldn’t believe it.  Only a few days before, I had given birth to my fifth baby and I was going live to teach about photography. I knew people thought I was crazy.  I should be resting and soaking in every moment, but I couldn’t.  I was […]

Today is a hot topic! What are we going to do now that our kids are trying to head back to school? Are your kids headed back to school like normal? Or are you doing something different this year?Here’s the thing I want you to know, though. Whatever you choose, good job. You made a […]

Today I’ve got 11 tips for being productive while working at home. But first, a little background for you, I’ve always had a business at home with my kids. This year is the first year I’ve had a few hours a week without any kids around. So these tips come from a place of experience, […]

With the recent pandemic all my kids were sent home. I have 5 kids from 4 years to 14 years old. Yes, that’s a lot of kids. Even with homeschooling my kids, I was able to grow my business during the pandemic. Here’s 5 tips for how I run a 6 figure business with 5 […]

How to Set Up a Workflow and Send an Email with Honeybook A workflow is essentially the series of steps you perform to complete a task, but sometimes in business, we can feel like we are taking the same steps over and over. HoneyBook helps me save time and stay on top of things by […]

  In the middle of last year, we bought a house.  It definitely wasn’t planned, but we felt directed by God, so we bought this house and we absolutely love it.  (If you want to hear the whole story, listen here.  It is miraculous.) Well, you know how long it takes to unpack and get […]


Sep 27, 2019

[grid content=”page” parent=”current” number=”9″ columns=”5″ slider=”true” adaptiveheight=”false” arrows=”true”  boxed=”false” fade=”true”image_align=”center”  image_size=”one_FIFTH” entry_class=”bottom-xs-xxl”] GROWING A BUSINESS SHOULD BE GET-UP-AND-DANCE KIND OF FUN! COME JOIN MY DANCE PARTY OVER ON INSTAGRAM @IAMMICHELLEGIFFORD Tired of googling and praying for the best? I get it. For 12 years, I’ve grown my business online. I’ve done the searching. I’ve done the […]



Okay friends! I so am excited to tell you about an amazing new woman owned business here in California. It is a space created for women entrepreneurs that are looking for a space outside of their home to get their work done. As work-at-home moms I know that sometimes it can be hard to get […]

My first business failed. I was seven and no one wanted to buy the rocks that I collected and displayed. Now, looking back, I’d have a few lessons to teach my 7-year-old self (like supply and demand–there wasn’t a huge demand for regular, old brown rocks in my desert hometown– and pricing– no one was […]

Home Office Tour and How to Use Affiliate Links For my business besties: In my last post, I opened your eyes to ways that you can make money online.  The easiest way to make money is through affiliate links.  You can read the whole article here, but just to quickly catch you up:  Affiliate marketing […]

How to Make Homemade Bread When I was growing up, my friends loved sleeping over at my house because they knew that every Saturday morning was scone morning.  My mom made homemade bread  and she would rob bread dough and make scones for breakfast.  I would eat my scones smothered in homemade strawberry jam sitting next […]

The Secret to Staying Consistent We all want to stay consistent, right? That’s our intention, but life, busyness, being tired, kids–they all throw us off course. So what is the secret to staying consistent? That’s what I want to share with all of you. Summer is just about here, so I thought this was the […]

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